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P Terminalia chebula (Ink Nut; Myrobalan; Black Myrobalan; Chebulic Myrobalan)
E Terminalia chebula (Ho Li Le; Abhaya; Mirobalan; Myrobalan; Indian Myrobalan)
P Terminalia alata
P Terminalia bellirica (Beleric Myrobalan; Bahera; Myrobalan Belleric; Myrobalan; Belleric)
P Terminalia catappa (Indian Almond; Tropical Almond; Malabar Almond)
P Terminalia arjuna (Arjun; Arjuna)
P Terminalia ivorensis (Idigbo; Emire; Blackbark; Black Afara; Brimstonewood; Satinwood; Shinglewood)
P Terminalia pallida
E Terminalia arjuna (Arjan Terminalia)
E Terminalia catappa (Amandier; Almendro De Las Indias; Almendro; Almendra; L.; Amandier Des Indes; Badannier; Ketapang; Almendro De Playa; Li)
E Terminalia tomentosa (Asna Saj; Sain; Ain)
E Terminalia travancorensis
E Terminalia bellerica (Belleric Myrobalan; Belleric)
E Terminalia calamansanay
E Terminalia comintana (Binggas Terminalia)
E Terminalia glabra
E Terminalia bellirica (Jaha; Mentalun; Jalawe; Belleric Myrobalan)