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E Sorbus domestica (Service Tree)
P Malus domestica (Apple)
P Prunus domestica (Plum)
P Nandina domestica (Heavenly Bamboo; Sacred Bamboo; Southern Heaven Bamboo; Nanten (Jap.))
E Curcuma domestica?
E Curcuma domestica (Yu Chin; Turmeric; Olena; Kurkuma Uzum; Safran Des Indes; Safran Du Pays; Safran De St Domingue; Safron Du Pays; Ukon; H)
E Nandina domestica (Nan T'Ien Chu; Nan Chu; Siro-Nanten)
E Prunus domestica (Plum; Li; Ameixeira; Garden Plum; Prunier; Chia Ch'Ing Tzu; Susino)
P Sorbus americana
P Sorbus aucubaria (Rowan Berry)
E Sorbus aucuparia (Uvez Agaci; Serbal Silvestre; Rowan Tree; European Mountainash)
E Sorbus americana (Mountain Ash)
E Sorbus sp (Mountain Ash)
E Sorbus aria (White Beamtree)
E Sorbus scopulina
E Sorbus torminalis (Checkertree)