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Key:   A=Biological Activity C=Chemical E=Ethnobotany Plant P=Plant S=Syndrome U=Ethnobotany Use
P Sideritis athoa (Kedi Kuyrugu Cayi)
P Sideritis germanicolpitana
P Sideritis mugronensis
P Sideritis pauli (El Molinillo Sideritis)
P Sideritis scardica (Balkan Sideritis)
P Sideritis sp
P Sideritis tomentosa
E Sideritis hirsuta (Sideritide)
E Sideritis angustifolia (Rabo De Gato)
E Sideritis theezans
E Sideritis romana? (Sideritis)
E Stachys heraclea? (Sideritis)
E Sideritis hyssopifolia (Hisopillo)