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Key:   A=Biological Activity C=Chemical E=Ethnobotany Plant P=Plant S=Syndrome U=Ethnobotany Use
P Asarum canadense (Wild Ginger)
E Asarum canadense (Kanada Azarumu; Wild Ginger)
P Menispermum canadense (Moonseed)
E Helianthemum canadense (Frostweed; Altinotu)
E Menispermum canadense (Moonseed; Parille Jaune; Yellow Parilla; Vine Maple; Gele Parilla; Canadian Moonseed)
E Geum canadense
E Xanthium canadense
E Asarum heterotropoides
E Asarum sieboldi (Japon Azarumu; Hsi Hsin)
E Asarum sagittarioides (Shan Ci Gu)
E Asarum blumei
E Asarum forbesi (Tu Heng; T'U Hsi Hsin; Tu K'Uei; Ma T'I Hsiang)
E Asarum europaeum (Azarum; Asaroun)
E Asarum sieboldii
E Asarum arifolium
E Asarum albivenium
E Asarum asaroides
E Asarum caudatum