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Key:   A=Biological Activity C=Chemical E=Ethnobotany Plant P=Plant S=Syndrome U=Ethnobotany Use
E Abies lasiocarpa
P Abies alba (Silver-Fir)
P Abies balsamea (Balsam Fir)
P Abies sachalinensis (Japanese Fir; Shin-Yo-Yu)
P Abies spectabilis
E Abies grandis
E Abies sibirica
E Abies pectinata
E Abies spectabilis
E Abies canadensis (Kanada Kokspar; Balsam Fir)
E Abies alba (Abeto; Edeltanne; Beyaz Koknar; Silver Fir; Abeto Bianco; Zilver Spar)
E Abies sp (Canada Spar; Schierlingstanne; Hemlockstanne; Zahnweh Gelbholz; Sapin Du Canada; Perusse)
E Abies balsamea (Balsam; Canada; Balsam Fir; Fir)
E Abies webbiana
E Picea abies (Fichte)
E Abies fraseri
P Abrus precatorius (Crab's Eye; Jequerity; Coral Beadplant; Indian Licorice; Licorice Vine; Love Bean; Lucky Bean; Minnie-Minnies; Prayer Be)
P Acacia lenticularis