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P Betula alleghaniensis
P Betula caerulea
P Betula caerulea-grandis
P Betula cordifolia
P Betula dahurica
P Betula ermanii
P Betula lenta (Cherry Birch)
P Betula maximowicziana
P Betula papyrifera
P Betula pendula
P Betula platyphylla
P Betula populifolia
P Betula sp.
P Betula utilis
P Bidens pilosa
P Bischofia javanica
P Bixa orellana (Achiote; Annatto; Annato; Lipsticktree; Lipstick Pod; Bija; Annoto; Arnato)
P Blechnum orientale (Kuan Chung; Shield Fern)
P Bletilla striata (Hyacinth Orchid; Chinese Ground Orchid; Hyacinth Bletilla; Dai Chi (Chin.); Shiran (Jap.); Bletilla; Hardy Orchid)
P Blighia sapida (Akee; Seso Vegetal)