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  1. Common name(s)

    Sekendal; Petekat; Kendal

  2. Data Views

    Total Uses: 14
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    Use Reference
    Astringent Elsewhere
    Chest Elsewhere
    Demulcent Elsewhere
    Diuretic Elsewhere
    Dysentery Java
    Dyspepsia Philippines
    Dyspepsia Elsewhere
    Expectorant Elsewhere
    Fever Java
    Fever Elsewhere
    Piscicide China Altschul, Siri Von Reis. 1973. Drugs and foods from little-known plants. Harvard Univ. Press
    Ringworm Elsewhere
    Tumor(Breast) Indochina Hartwell, J.L. 1967-71. Plants used against cancer. A survey. Lloydia 30-34.
    Urogenital Elsewhere