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    Use Reference
    Ache(Head) Elsewhere
    Ache(Tooth) Elsewhere
    Anodyne US(Blackfoot)
    Arthritis US(Blackfoot)
    Boil US(Blackfoot)
    Bruise US(Blackfoot)
    Convulsion US(Amerindian)
    Fainting US(Amerindian)
    Hair Elsewhere
    Hair-Oil Canada(Kwakiutl)
    Hair-Oil Canada(Salish)
    Intestine US(Blackfoot)
    Laxative US(Blackfoot)
    Poultice US(Flathead) Hart, J.A. 1979. The ethnobotany of the Flathead Indians of Western Montana. Botanical Museum Leaflet 27(10). Harvard University.
    Poultice US(Blackfoot)
    Puberty Canada(Kwakiutl)
    Rheumatism US(Blackfoot)
    Salt US(Amerindian)
    Sore(Throat) Elsewhere
    Swelling US(Blackfoot)