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  1. Common name(s)

    Bedara laut

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    Total Uses: 42
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    Use Reference
    Ache(Head) Elsewhere
    Ache(Tooth) Elsewhere
    Ache(Tooth) Elsewhere
    Astringent Argentina
    Bactericide Elsewhere
    Cathartic Elsewhere
    Cold Elsewhere
    Colic Java
    Cough Elsewhere
    Cyanogenetic Elsewhere
    Cyanogenetic Venezuela Pittier, H. 1926. Manual de las Plantas Usuales de Venezuela. Litografia del Comercio, Caracas, Venezuela.
    Dentifuge Elsewhere
    Diarrhea Elsewhere
    Diarrhea Elsewhere
    Diarrhea Uganda
    Dropsy Mexico Standley, Paul C. Trees and shrubs of Mexico. Contributions U.S. National Herbarium, vol. 23. Govt. Printing Office, Washington, D.C.
    Dropsy Elsewhere
    Dropsy Elsewhere
    Fever Elsewhere
    Fever Elsewhere