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  1. Common name(s)

    Kayu urip; Paching tawa; Tikel balung; Milkbush; Tulang-tulang; Mentulang; Pencil Tree; Kayu patah tulang (Frac. wood)

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    Total Uses: 33
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    Use Reference
    Abscess India
    Ache(Ear) India
    Ache(Tooth) India
    Asthma India
    Cancer Malaya Hartwell, J.L. 1967-71. Plants used against cancer. A survey. Lloydia 30-34.
    Colic India
    Cough India
    Dermatosis Java
    Emetic India
    Fracture Java
    Gastralgia India
    Leprosy Java
    Neuralgia India
    Ostealgia Java
    Osteosis Malaya
    Piles Malaya
    Piscicide Malaya
    Piscicide Tanzania
    Poison US Lewis and Elvin-Lewis, Medical Botany, ca 1977
    Poison Tanzania