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Use Reference
Ache(Stomach) Sumatra
Ache(Stomach) India
Ache(Stomach) Elsewhere
Anaphrodisiac (Female) Sumatra
Anodyne India(Santal)
Bilious India
Burn India(Santal)
Chest Sumatra
Chest India
Chest Elsewhere
Collapse India(Santal)
Contraceptive(Male) India(Gujarat)
Convulsion India(Santal)
Diabetes Sumatra
Diuretic India
Fever India
Fumitory India(Gujarat)
Gonorrhea India
Gonorrhea Philippines
Lithiasis India
Spasm India(Santal)
Thirst India
Tuberculosis Philippines
Tumor East Indies Hartwell, J.L. 1967-71. Plants used against cancer. A survey. Lloydia 30-34.
Vulnerary Philippines
Wound India