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Use Reference
Ache(Ear) India(Santal)
Atrophy India(Santal)
Bactericide Elsewhere
Bite(Dog) India(Santal)
Bladder Java
Cachexia India(Santal)
Cancer India
Carbuncle India(Santal)
Catarrh Java
Chancre India(Santal)
Cholera India(Santal)
Colic India(Santal)
Cough India
Dropsy India(Santal)
Dysentery Java
Dysentery India(Santal)
Emetic Elsewhere
Eye Elsewhere
Fever India
Fever India
Fever India(Santal)
Fracture India(Santal)
Fungicide Elsewhere
Hemorrhage India(Santal)
Infertility Malaya
Menorrhagia India(Santal)
Myalgia India(Santal)
Night-Blindness India(Santal)
Parturition Malaya
Pregnancy India(Santal)
Puerperium India(Santal)
Rabies India(Santal)
Refrigerant India
Smallpox Malaya
Smallpox India
Sore India
Sore India(Santal)
Sore(Veterinary) Elsewhere
Splenitis India(Santal)
Syphilis India(Santal)
Viricide Elsewhere
Wound India