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Use Reference
Ache(Tooth) India(Santal)
Anodyne India
Asthma India(Gujarat)
Asthma India
Atrophy India(Santal)
Bactericide Elsewhere
Bite(Snake) India(Santal)
Bronchitis India(Santal)
Bronchitis India(Ayurvedic)
Cachexia India(Santal)
Carminative India
Chest India
Cold India(Santal)
Cough India
Cough India(Santal)
Delirium India(Santal)
Dengue India(Ayurvedic)
Diuretic Elsewhere
Dropsy Elsewhere
Expectorant India(Ayurvedic)
Fever India(Gujarat)
Fever Elsewhere
Fever India(Ayurvedic)
Hiccup India(Santal)
Hypertension Elsewhere
Madness India(Santal)
Night-Blindness India(Santal)
Parotitis India(Santal)
Phthisis India(Santal)
Rheumatism Elsewhere
Rheumatism India(Santal)
Smallpox India(Santal)
Sore India(Santal)
Sore(Throat) Elsewhere
Sting India(Santal)
Syphilis India(Santal)
Tumor Elsewhere
Viricide Elsewhere
Whitlow India(Santal)