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Use Reference
Wound Elsewhere
Whitlow India(Santal)
Urogenital Elsewhere
Tonic Elsewhere
Syphilis India(Santal)
Swelling Elsewhere
Sore India(Santal)
Scabies India(Santal)
Rinderpest(Veterinary) Elsewhere
Refrigerant Elsewhere
Pimple India(Santal)
Leucorrhea Elsewhere
Gonorrhea Elsewhere
Fever Elsewhere
Dysuria Elsewhere
Diarrhea Elsewhere
Cough India(Santal)
Cold India(Santal)
Carbuncle India(Santal)
Bruise Elsewhere
Boil India(Santal)
Astringent Elsewhere
Arthritis Elsewhere
Adenopathy India(Santal)