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Use Reference
Ache(Head) Elsewhere
Ache(Stomach)(Veterinary) Elsewhere
Astringent India(Ayurvedic)
Bactericide Elsewhere
Bilious India(Ayurvedic)
Bite(Snake) India(Gujarat)
Blood India(Ayurvedic)
Bronchitis Elsewhere
Bronchitis India(Ayurvedic)
Carminative India(Ayurvedic)
Cold Elsewhere
Cough Elsewhere
Demulcent Elsewhere
Demulcent India(Ayurvedic)
Diabetes India(Ayurvedic)
Diabetes Elsewhere
Ear India(Ayurvedic)
Emetic Elsewhere
Emollient India(Ayurvedic)
Emollient Elsewhere
Expectorant India(Ayurvedic)
Eye Elsewhere
Eye India(Ayurvedic)
Gingivitis Elsewhere
Gingivitis India(Ayurvedic)
Heart India(Ayurvedic)
Insecticide Elsewhere
Itch Elsewhere
Itch India(Ayurvedic)
Lactogogue Elsewhere
Lactogogue India(Ayurvedic)
Laxative India(Ayurvedic)
Leprosy India(Ayurvedic)
Orchitis India(Ayurvedic)
Piles India(Ayurvedic)
Piles Elsewhere
Piscicide Elsewhere
Refrigerant India(Ayurvedic)
Rheumatism Elsewhere
Rheumatism India(Ayurvedic)
Skin India Uphof, J.C. Th. 1968. Dictionary of economic plants. 2nd ed. Verlag von J. Cramer.
Skin Elsewhere
Soap India
Sore India(Ayurvedic)
Stimulant India(Ayurvedic)
Tonic India(Ayurvedic)
Tonsillitis Elsewhere
Tonsillitis India(Ayurvedic)
Tuberculosis India(Ayurvedic)
Vinegar Elsewhere