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Use Reference
Vermifuge Trinidad
Vermifuge Bahamas
Vermifuge Elsewhere
Vermifuge Venezuela Pittier, H. 1926. Manual de las Plantas Usuales de Venezuela. Litografia del Comercio, Caracas, Venezuela.
Vermifuge Guatemala Standley, P.C., and J.A. Steyermark. 1952. Flora of Guatemala. Fieldiana Botany, vol, 24, pt. 3. Museum of Natl. History, Chicago.
Vermifuge Elsewhere
Vermifuge Trinidad Wong, W. 1976. Some folk medicinal plants from Trinidad. Economic Botany 30(2): 103-142.
Vermifuge Elsewhere Krochmal, Arnold and Connie. 1973. A guide to the medicinal plants of the United States. Quadrangle/The N.Y. Times Book Co.
Vermifuge Panama Gupta, M.P., et al. 1979. Ethnopharmacognostic observations on Panamanian medicinal plants. Part I. Quarterly journal of crude drug research 17(3-4):115-130.
Vermifuge Turkey Steinmetz, E.F. 1957. codex Vegetabilis. Published by the author, Amsterdam.