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Use Reference
Fumitory India(Gujarat)
Fumitory Elsewhere Uphof, J.C. Th. 1968. Dictionary of economic plants. 2nd ed. Verlag von J. Cramer.
Fumitory Africa(Swahili)
Hemiplegia India(Santal)
Homicide Africa(Swahili)
Hydrocoele India(Santal)
Hypnotic Spain Font Query, P. 1979. Plantas Medicinales el Dioscorides Renovado. Editorial Labor, S.A. Barcelona. 5th Ed.
Intoxicant Africa(Swahili)
Intoxication India(Santal)
Madness India(Santal)
Myalgia China Lost Crops of the Incas.
Myopathy India(Santal)
Narcotic India
Narcotic Turkey Steinmetz, E.F. 1957. codex Vegetabilis. Published by the author, Amsterdam.
Numbness China Lost Crops of the Incas.
Orchitis Malaya
Orchitis India(Santal)
Otitis India(Santal)
Parkinsonianism India
Parotitis India(Santal)