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Use Reference
Diarrhea Elsewhere
Diuretic Philippines
Dysentery Malaya
Dysentery Elsewhere
Dysentery Iraq Al-Rawi, Ali. 1964. Medicinal Plants of Iraq. Tech. Bull. No. 15. Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate General of Agricultural Research Projects.
Dysentery Elsewhere
Dysentery Egypt Tackholm, Vivi and Gunnar. 1973 (reprint). Flora of Egypt. Vol. 1-4. Originally published in Foriad I Univ. Bulletin of the Faculty of Science, vol. 17, Cairo, 1941.
Dysmenorrhea Java
Ecbolic Elsewhere
Emmenagogue Philippines
Emmenagogue Elsewhere
Gargle Elsewhere
Hematochezia Ternate
Laxative Tonga
Medicine New Zealand(Niue)
Nerves Tahiti
Pimple Malaysia Steinmetz, E.F. 1957. codex Vegetabilis. Published by the author, Amsterdam.
Pimple Malaya
Soap Elsewhere
Sore Tonga