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Use Reference
Evil eye India
Evil eye Panama(Cuna)
Fumitory India
Gargle Trinidad Wong, W. 1976. Some folk medicinal plants from Trinidad. Economic Botany 30(2): 103-142.
Gargle Trinidad
Gonorrhea Samoa
Intoxication Philippines(Ifugao)
Jaundice Tonga
Malaria Elsewhere
Phthisis Elsewhere
Psychedelic US
Repellant(Shark) Panama(Cuna)
Repellant(Shark) Elsewhere
Rubefacient Elsewhere Uphof, J.C. Th. 1968. Dictionary of economic plants. 2nd ed. Verlag von J. Cramer.
Rubefacient Elsewhere
Rubefacient Turkey Steinmetz, E.F. 1957. codex Vegetabilis. Published by the author, Amsterdam.
Scald India(Santal)
Skin Tonga
Sore Philippines Altschul, Siri Von Reis. 1973. Drugs and foods from little-known plants. Harvard Univ. Press
Sore India(Santal)