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Use Reference
Dropsy India(Santal)
Diuretic Upper Volta Ayensu, Edward S. 1978. Medicinal plants of West Africa. Reference Publications, Inc.
Digestive Elsewhere
Diarrhea Elsewhere
Diabetes Sudan Broun, A.F., and R.E. Massey. 1929. Flora of the Sudan. The controller, Sudan Govt. Office, Wellington House, Buchingham Gate, London, S.W.I.
Dermatosis Java
Depurative Elsewhere
Cough Elsewhere
Cosmetic Java
Conjunctivitis Cambodia
Conjunctivitis Elsewhere
Conjunctivitis Elsewhere
Collyrium Bahamas
Collyrium Elsewhere
Colitis Elsewhere
Cold Bahamas
Chill Bahamas
Carminative Elsewhere
Carminative India
Cardiac Elsewhere