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Use Reference
Shortwindedness Samoa
Sedative Elsewhere
Rheumatism Elsewhere
Rheumatism Malaya
Rheumatism Sudan Broun, A.F., and R.E. Massey. 1929. Flora of the Sudan. The controller, Sudan Govt. Office, Wellington House, Buchingham Gate, London, S.W.I.
Ophthalmia Malaya
Medicine Panama(Choco)
Leucorrhea Elsewhere
Itch Malaya
Impotence Malaya
Impetigo Samoa
Herpes Malaya
Fracture Malaya
Fever Malaya
Eye Samoa
Enterosis Malaya
Emollient Elsewhere
Emollient Elsewhere
Dyspepsia Samoa
Dyspepsia Guatemala Standley, P.C., and J.A. Steyermark. 1952. Flora of Guatemala. Fieldiana Botany, vol, 24, pt. 3. Museum of Natl. History, Chicago.