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Plant Low PPM High PPM StdDev *Reference
Nepeta cataria Plant 16.0 260.0 1.4 Bourrel, C., Perineau, F., Michel, G., Bessiere, J.M. 1993. Catnip (Nepeta cataria L.) Essential Oil: Analysis of Chemical Constituents, Bacteriostatic and Fungistatic Properties. J. Ess. Oil Res., 5: 159-167.
Tagetes lucida Shoot -- 42.0 Bicchi, C., Fresia, M., Rubiolo, P., Monti, D., Franz, C., Goehler, I. 1997. Constituents of Tagetes lucida Cav. ssp. lucida essential oil. Flavor & Fragrance, 12(1): 47-52.
Lindera benzoin Leaf -- 12.0 1.4 *
Hypericum perforatum Plant 0.5 9.0 -0.7 *
Ocimum basilicum Plant -- 7.0 -0.7 Die Nahrung. Pino, J., Rosado, A., Goire, I., Roncal, E., and Garcia, I. 1993. Analysis of the Essential Oil from Cuban Basil. Die Nahrung 37:(5): 501-504.
Vitex agnus-castus Leaf -- 2.5 -0.5 Ekundayo, O., Laakso, I., Holopainen, M., Hiltunen, R., Oguntimein, B., and Kauppinen, V. 1990. The Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of the Leaf Oil of Vitex agnus-castus L. J. Essential Oil Research, 2: 115-119.
Leonotis leonurus Se -- 1.0 Pedro, L.G., Barroso, J.G., Marques, N.T., Ascensao, L., Pais, M.S.S. and Scheffer, J.J.C. 1991. Composition of the Essential Oil from Sepals of Leonotis leonurus R. Br. J. Ess. Oil Res. 3: 451-3
Carthamus tinctorius Flower 0.05 0.19 *
Carthamus tinctorius Leaf -- 0.04 -0.9 *
Vitex agnus-castus Fruit -- -- *
Vitex agnus-castus Flower -- -- *
*Unless otherwise noted all references are to Duke, James A. 1992. Handbook of phytochemical constituents of GRAS herbs and other economic plants. Boca Raton, FL. CRC Press.