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Activity *Reference
Allergenic *
Antibacterial *
Antiseptic *
Antistaphylococcic *
Antistreptococcic *
Candidicide *
FLavor FEMA 1-50 Aloe Research Council - Duke writeup of non-peer reviewd book by Coats and draft by Henry
Fungicide HerbalGram No. 17.
Herbicide IC50=160 uM Keeler, R.F. and Tu, A.T. eds. 1991. Toxicology of Plant and Fungal Compounds. (Handbook of Natural Toxins Vol. 6) Marcel Dekker, Inc. NY. 665 pp.
Irritant Zebovitz, T. C. Ed. 1989. Part VII. Flavor and Fragrance Substances, in Keith L. H. and Walters, D.B., eds. Compendium of Safety Data Sheets for Research and Industrial Chemicals. VCH Publishers, New York. 3560-4253.
Nematicide MLC=100 ug/ml Shoyakugaku Zasshi, 44: 183.
Perfumery Merck 11th Edition
Pesticide *
Sedative Wagner & Wolff, eds. 1977. New Natural Products (RS164. I56. 176)
Trichomonicide LD100=300 ug/ml *
*Unless otherwise noted all references are to Duke, James A. 1992. Handbook of phytochemical constituents of GRAS herbs and other economic plants. Boca Raton, FL. CRC Press.