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Activity *Reference
COX-2-Inhibitor 50 uM/ *
COX-2-Inhibitor 30 uM/ Subbaramaiah, K., Michaluart, P., Chung, W. J., Dannenberg, A. J. 1998. Resveratrol Inhibits the Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Human Mammary and Oral Epithelial Cells. Pharm. Biol. Suppl., 36: 35-43.
Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor IC50=15 uM *
CYP1A1-Inhibitor *
Differentiator IC50=18 uM *
Elastase-Inhibitor IC50=37 uM *
Estrogenic 22% of genistein *
Fungicide Chemical Constituents of Oriental Herbs (3 diff. books)
Hepatoprotective *
HIF-1alpha-Inhibitor *
Hydroperoxidase-Inhibitor *
Hypocholesterolemic *
Hypotriglyceridemic Leung, A. Y. and Foster, S. 1995. Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients 2nd Ed. John Wiley & Sons, New York. 649 pp.
IKB-kinase-Inhibitor *
JNK-Inhibitor *
Lipolytic Jeffery B. Harborne and H. Baxter, eds. 1983. Phytochemical Dictionary. A Handbook of Bioactive Compounds from Plants. Taylor & Frost, London. 791 pp.
MAPK-Inhibitor *
NADH-Ubiquinone-Oxidoreductase-Inhibitor *
NF-kB-Inhibitor *
Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor *
*Unless otherwise noted all references are to Duke, James A. 1992. Handbook of phytochemical constituents of GRAS herbs and other economic plants. Boca Raton, FL. CRC Press.