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Plant # Chemicals Total PPM
Styrax tonkinensis Siam Benzoin 1
Styrax benzoin Benzoin; Onycha; Styrax 1
Syzygium aromaticum Clovetree; Clove 2 461402.00
Tabebuia impetiginosa Pau d'arco; Taheebo 1
Tagetes minuta Aztec Marigold; Stinking-Roger; Mexican Marigold; Dwarf Marigold; Wild Marigold; Muster John Henry 1
Tagetes lucida Anise Marigold; Sweet-Mace; Sweet-Scent Marigold; Sweet-Scent Mexican Marigold 1
Tamarindus indica Tamarind; Kilytree; Indian Tamarind 2
Tanacetum vulgare Tansy 1
Tanacetum parthenium Feverfew 2
Taxus baccata Common Yew 1
Tecoma stans Yellow Elder 1
Telosma cordata Merrill flowers 2
Teucrium scorodonia Germander; Wood Germander 2
Teucrium salviastrum 2
Teucrium pseudoscorodonia 2
Teucrium polium Golden Germander 3
Teucrium oxylepis 2
Teucrium micropodioides Small 'Cyprus' Germander 3
Teucrium kotschyanum Stavros Kotschy's Germander 3
Teucrium gnaphalodes Iberian Germander 1