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Plant # Chemicals Total PPM
Cichorium intybus Succory; Chicory; Witloof 2
Cimicifuga dahurica Sheng Ma 1
Cinchona pubescens Red Cinchona; Quinine; Redbark; Red Peruvian-Bark 1
Citrullus colocynthis Colocynth 2
Citrus limon Lemon 1 80.00
Citrus paradisi Grapefruit 2 69.00
Citrus reticulata Tangerine; Mandarin 2 4.00
Citrus sinensis Orange 2 52.80
Clematis vitalba Traveler's Joy 1
Cnicus benedictus Blessed Thistle 1
Cocos nucifera Nariyal; Kokospalme (Ger.); Copra; Coconut Palm; Cocotero (Sp.); Coconut 1
Coffea arabica Coffee 2 206000.00
Coix lacryma-jobi Job'S-Tears; Yi-Yi-Ren; Adlay Millet; Adlay 1
Commiphora wightii Guggul; Indian Bdellium-Tree 1
Conium maculatum Spotted Parsley; Hemlock; Carrot Fern; Poison Hemlock; Fool's Parsley; Spotted Hemlock 1
Convallaria majalis Lily-Of-The-Valley 2
Coptis chinensis Huang-Lian; Huang-Lien; Chinese Goldthread 1
Coptis japonica Huang-Lian; Huang-Lia; Huang-Lien; Japanese Goldthread 1
Coptis spp Generic Goldthread 1
Corchorus olitorius Nalta Jute; Mulukiya; Jew's Mallow 1