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Plant # Chemicals Total PPM
Sorbus aucubaria Rowan Berry 1
Spartium junceum Weaver's Broom; Spanish Broom; Genet 2
Spinacia oleracea Spinach 4 1662.00
Stachys germanica Downy Woundwort 4 188.00
Stachytarpheta cayennensis Verbena 2
Stellaria media Common Chickweed; Chickweed 3
Sterculia urens Karaya 3 356720.00
Stevia rebaudiana Sweet Leaf of Paraguay; Ca-A-E; Stevia 20
Strophanthus gratus Ouabain 1 180000.00
Strychnos nux-vomica Stychnine; Nux-Vomica 2 68600.00
Styrax benzoin Onycha; Styrax; Benzoin 2
Styrax tonkinensis Siam Benzoin 1
Swertia chirata Chiretta; Chirata 2
Syringa vulgaris Lilac 5
Syzygium aromaticum Clovetree; Clove 17 480102.00
Tabebuia impetiginosa Taheebo; Pau d'arco 1
Tagetes erecta Marigold; Aztec Marigold 2 718.00
Tagetes filifolia Irish Lace; Pampa Anise 2
Tagetes lucida Sweet-Mace; Anise Marigold; Sweet-Scent Mexican Marigold; Sweet-Scent Marigold 9
Tagetes minuta Dwarf Marigold; Muster John Henry; Aztec Marigold; Stinking-Roger; Wild Marigold; Mexican Marigold 16 6390.00