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Plant # Chemicals Total PPM
Ocimum tenuiflorum Anise-Scented Basil 2
Ocimum suave Kenyan Tree Basil 1
Ocimum canum Hoary Basil 1
Ocimum basilicum Basil; Cuban Basil; Sweet Basil 3 7896.00
Olea europaea Olive 1
Ononis spinosa Restharrow; Hauhechel (Ger.); Spiny Restharrow 1
Origanum vulgare Oregano; Wild Marjoram; Common Turkish Oregano; European Oregano; Pot Marjoram; Wild Oregano 2 6200.00
Origanum majorana Marjoram; Sweet Marjoram 2 13600.00
Panax quinquefolius Ginseng; American Ginseng 1
Panax japonicus Japanese Ginseng 1
Panax ginseng Oriental Ginseng; Ginseng; Chinese Ginseng; Korean Ginseng 1
Papaver somniferum Poppyseed Poppy; Opium Poppy 1
Persea americana Avocado 1
Phellodendron amurense Huang Po; Amur Cork Tree; Po Mu; Huang Bai 1 20000.00
Phoradendron juniperinum 1
Phytolacca americana Pokeweed 1
Pimpinella anisum Sweet Cumin; Anise 1
Pistacia lentiscus Chios Mastictree; Mastixbaum (Ger.); Mastictree; Lentisco (Sp.); Mastic 1
Plantago major Common Plantain 2
Plantago asiatica Asian Plantain 1