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Plant # Chemicals Total PPM
Teucrium scordium Water Germander 7
Teucrium scorodonia Germander; Wood Germander 5
Theobroma angustifolium Emerald Cacao; Castarica 1
Theobroma bicolor Pataste; Nicaraguan Cacao 2
Theobroma cacao Cacao 14 224528.00
Theobroma speciosum Macambo 1
Thespesia populnea Indian tulip tree 4
Thevetia neriifolia Yellow oleander 1
Thevetia peruviana Peruvian Yellow Oleander; Yellow Oleander; Loandro-Amarelo (Port.); Luckynut; Chirca (Sp.); Adelfa Amarilla (Sp.); Thevetie (Ger.); Cabalonga (Sp.); Oleandre Jaune (Fr.) 8
Thuja occidentalis Arbor-Vitae; Northern White-Cedar 5 118000.00
Thymus broussonettii Moroccan Thyme 1
Thymus capitatus Spanish Origanum; 'Sicilian' Thyme; Spanish Thyme 2 660.00
Thymus cilicicus 'Anatolian' Thyme 1
Thymus funkii Funk's Thyme 3
Thymus mastichina Spanish Marjoram 1 700.00
Thymus orospedanus Orosped Thyme 1 1750.00
Thymus riatarum 'Moroccan' Thyme 1
Thymus saturejoides Moroccan Savory Thyme 1
Thymus serpyllum Creeping Thyme 5 209546.00
Thymus vulgaris Thyme; Garden Thyme; Common Thyme 16 339392.00