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Chemical Dosage References
TANSHINONE igs rbtLi, X. H., Tang, R. 1991. Relationship Between Inhibitory Action of Tanshinone on Neutrophil Function and its Prophylactic Effects on Myocardial Infarction. Chung-Kuo Yao Li Hsueh Pao, 12(3): 269-272.
THAPSIGARGIN 1 uMMacArthur, H., Hecker, M., Busse, R., Vane, J. R. 1993. Selective Inhibition of Agonist-Induced but not Shear Stress-Dependent Release of Endothelial Autacoids by Thapsigargin. Brit J Pharmacol, 108(1): 100-105.
*Unless otherwise noted all references are to Duke, James A. 1992. Handbook of phytochemical constituents of GRAS herbs and other economic plants. Boca Raton, FL. CRC Press.